About Me:

Hi, I’m Surraya. Welcome to Vegnifico – a website dedicated to all plant-based vegan recipes. My goal is to share with you healthy and delicious meals that will help you feel great from the inside out.

My Story:

I am a wife, and a mom to two beautiful children and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Health and Wellness. My background has always been art until recently I have discovered my love for plant-based foods. Switching to plant based diet made me feel better, I have more energy to wake up in the morning, my mind is clear, I feel lighter, happier and overall healthier. Before changing my diet, I did not always feel this way. I have spent most of my childhood in Eastern Europe and grew up on foods that were rich in high-fat meats, oils, and sugar. Every meal always consisted of some meat and dairy product in it. Veggies were never the main meal, and I hardly ever ate any.

When my family moved back to the U.S., I ate what every teenager would eat, mostly unhealthy foods. My favorite places to eat were Taco Bell, KFC, and McDonald’s. In 2006, when I was pregnant with my first child I have made a decision to eat healthier and buy only organic foods. Meat and dairy were still part of my diet; however, I have switched to “organic” meats, eggs and dairy, thinking it was a better option. I have always shown interest in a vegetarian diet but had no clue what to prepare without meat, besides pasta and salads, so I never really stuck with it.

In 2012 my father was diagnosed with a rare stomach cancer. After researching more on the type of cancer he had, everything kept pointing to high consumption of meat. When I look at his history of eating habits, it just made sense. My father consumed a lot of red meat, smoked beef, lamb and processed meats. I can’t ever recall seeing him eating a salad. The meat was part of his every, single meal. At that moment I knew I had to change my eating ways. I became a vegetarian in 2012. I have tried to introduce my father to more vegetable rich meals, but he never had an interest in it. Sadly, my dad passed away in 2013. I often think about him and believe that he might have had a longer life if he only changed his diet.

Two years later, in late 2015, I came across some documentaries on dairy factory farming, and that quickly shifted my diet towards vegan foods. The food I eat now is plant-based, mostly oil-free and unprocessed.

I did enough of my own research on what animal protein does to the human body and all the diseases that are caused by it. I have also made a conscious decision that I do not want to be part of any animal suffering and torture. I believe we as human beings can live with love and compassion if we only open our hearts to all living creatures on this planet.

With love,